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Telx Web News

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF®) sat down over 2 years ago with one goal: to make the internet better. Wednesday, after over 200 designs, 17 drafts and 30 implementations, the group approved the first major update to standard internet protocol in 15 years.   As web pages get more advanced, loading a page requires more resources. HTTP (hypertext internet transfer protocol) traditionally only allows one download request per connection. Browsers have found a way around this by issuing multiple requests, and by caching files so that pages load fasters. But this isn’t really fair since all those requests can clog up the network. So what were developers to do?

Identity theft and Computer Hacking – Criminals come in all shapes and sizes these days, most organized crimes gangs around the world are becoming much more involved in computer hacking. Criminal organizations can use their own hackers, hire college students, or simply buy large amounts of...