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Top Marketing Trends of 2015

So, what are going to be the top marketing trends for internet marketing this year? We understand that although 2015 is well underway, there are still many ways to get ahead if you implement the following strategies:

  1. SEO will become harder

Remember the dreaded Panda and Penguin updates of a few years ago? Well, there are more updates to come, and who knows what name they’ll come up next for their algorithm.

As the updates become more sophisticated, it will become more difficult for marketers to manipulate the search engines. Therefore, increased effort should be applied towards creating great content and perfecting your product or service.

Because of more stringent protocols, it is more important than ever to implement SEO. Especially since many firms will be switching from SEO to PPC this year.

  1. Social Media will become the backbone of blogging

Why are some blogs more important than others? Certainly content is important, but often times, it has more to do with the social media accounts.

When you have a large social following, creating popular articles is relatively easy, and can happen quickly.

Companies will start to see the value in social media accounts and will spend thousands of dollars building up their followers.

  1. Companies will create software to generate interest

Free tools are becoming a popular method of marketing. From HubSpot’s Grader tool to Moz’s Open Site Explorer, companies are creating free tools in order to generate traffic.

Many companies are jumping on the bandwagon, and it can be applied to almost any industry. It is a tremendous ROI, and is very cost-effective.

  1. Link building will make a return

Link building will continue to be a popular marketing method for 2015. Because link building is hard to manipulate, search engines give more weight to links, which in turn boosts your site’s credibility.

Many large companies have been focusing on this method. Expect to see more join the bandwagon throughout this year.

  1. Guest post links will lose efficacy

Historically, guest post links were a great way to increase rankings and search engine visibility. However, Google is increasingly relegating this tactic to the dustbin. It can be expected that an incoming Google update will neutralize this tactic – disincentivizing marketers from using this strategy in the future.

  1. Increase in interest for conversion optimization

With increasing need to optimize impressions, corporations and businesses will be looking for individuals who specialize in conversion optimization.

Companies will be willing to pay a premium to individuals who possess this skill, as they will need to offset advertising costs.

  1. Marketing tools will become free

The number of marketing companies that release free products are expected to increase in the coming years. Why? Because small and medium sized businesses cannot initially pay for these services; incentivizing marketing companies to sell them on the free product in the beginning and have them upgrade to the paid service as they grow.

  1. People will start building their personal brands

Although people seldom create a personal brand, it is quickly becoming a viable marketing method this year. Having a personal brand helps substantiate other product lines as well as your business in general.

Furthermore, companies are more likely to hire individuals with a strong personal brand, as they will be effective brand evangelists for them.


This year will bring a lot of new changes to the online marketing sphere. Between search engines increasing scrutiny to businesses becoming more transparent, new business opportunities are assured to increase.

Learn to adapt to the changes and you will be way ahead of the competition.

Need help navigating these changes? Then, click here and let’s get you started out on the right foot.