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3 ways to Boost your startup

Fact: three out of four startups are destined to fail. The scariest thing is, the line between success and failure is a fine one. We felt we had to help find a solution. Even if you’ve got a killer product and your startup is ‘off the ground,’ if you’re not getting your fair share of capital, coverage and customers, your great startup will never be flying.

At  TNW Europe Conference 2014, The Next Web partnered with WeTransfer to launch Boost – a program designed to accelerate the growth of early-stage startups from all around the world. Now Boost is back: but this time, it’s in New York.

Boost is back… in the Big Apple

The Next Web and WeTransfer believe that stimulating early-stage startups is vitally important: these companies are responsible for some of the industry’s greatest innovations. It also provides The Next Web with a stream of exciting products and ideas to write about!

At the same time, we feel that WeTransfer is the perfect partner for a startup program dedicated to international growth. Apart from offering a free and easy service for effortlessly sharing your projects (and pitch decks) with colleagues and clients around the world, the company is also run by a team who have experienced the trials and tribulations of bootstrapping, and come out on top.

During the next three months, we’ll be selecting 30 startups to accompany us at TNW USA in New York. The chosen companies will receive a comprehensive package that includes: an all-day demo table, a one-to-one introduction with a TNW editor, and the opportunity to meet a whole host of international investors. Here’s a more detailed look at how Boost can benefit your company and help you to achieve your goals:

  • Capital

Boost is a great opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the world’s leading startup venture capitalists and investors. The pitch deck is shared with the right people, at the right time (i.e. before the conference), so that you can focus on the more important details during the day. If you have a great product, TNW USA can bring the exposure you need to secure some well-deserved investment. The likes of WazeRapportive and Shutl have all taken part in TNW startup programs and secured millions in funding – thanks, in part, to excellent…

  • Coverage

A great advantage is that The Next Web has a reach of more than 6.5 million unique users and 3+ million followers on social media. As a Boost participant, your startup will receive coverage on our blog, as well as the opportunity to meet a TNW editor, one-on-one. Combine this with the exposure of your working product to some of the biggest influences in the international tech scene (not to mention some of the world’s biggest media outlets), and all this can result in…

  • Customers

Persuading our conference attendees to use your product will help you to secure a significant number of new customers. TNW Conference attendees are generally tech trendsetters (we’re sure we don’t need to explain Roger’s theory on the diffusion of innovations to you!). Aside from being the very people likely to adopt your product first, our expert audience are in a position to offer you considerable, candid feedback to help you refine your product’s future releases, as well as other aspects of your business model.

Boost your startup – Apply now!

If you want to boost your early-stage startup, apply now for free. If your application is selected you’ll be invited for a second-round interview with a TNW team member. Applications will be handled on a rolling basis. Successful startups will only need to pay the price of two regular conference tickets for entrance.

The program is open to any startup under two years old that has acquired less than €3 million in funding, has a fully functional demo of their product, and was launched no earlier than January 2012.

➤ Click here to apply for the Boost program! or share this article with others that might benefit from The Next Web’s exposure opportunities.

As published on: http://tnw.co/1wDmcmf