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Biggest Social Media FAILS


social media fails

We are used to celebrity and political gaffes, but sometimes even great and otherwise professional corporations make mistakes. Here are the biggest screwups on social media:

1. MSN


Using a death to get a “like”. Lame.

Lesson Learned: Always consider the context of a trending topic when using it on social media. Using a negative event to promote likes is tasteless and not worth it.

2. Kenneth Cole


During the “Arab Spring” uprisings of 2011, Kenneth Cole decided to make light of the situation and post this insensitive tweet.

Lesson Learned: Use extreme caution when mentioning any sensitive topics, and definitely don’t turn it into a joke.

3. American Apparel


In 2014, racy clothing retailer American Apparel carelessly (and mistakenly, apparently) referenced the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster with the innappropriate hashtags of “#smoke”, and “#clouds” respectively.  The post was a misguided celebration of Fourth of July.

Lesson Learned: Always do your research before posting something. One small error or unintentional refrence can turn into a PR disaster.

4. DiGiorno


This hashtag was meant for a discussion surrounding domestic violence, but the pizza company jumped into the chat to self-promote its products. Next time, check out the hashtag first!

Lesson Learned: Research the meaning of a hashtag before using it.

5. The Onion


The Onion usually delivers clever satire and social commentary with its funny articles, but this tweet was taken way overboard. The Onion tweeted that she was a c***. An attempt at mocking America’s preoccupation with child stars, this satirical jab was a disaster.

Lesson Learned: Again, be careful what you choose to turn into a joke.

6. The Academy

oscars social media fail

That time when The Academy confused Penelope Cruz for Salma Hayek. This may be forgivable coming from a regular person, but not the most prestigious movie experts.

Lesson Learned: Triple check your facts to avoid embarrasment.

7. Blackberry

blackberry social media fail

Blackberry tweets a promo… from an iPhone. Talk about confidence in your product.

Lesson Learned: Pay attention to every detail when posting on social media.


As you can see, having a handle on your social media is not only good for your perception, it is a requirement for successful business in today’s society. See how you can improve you social media campaigns by working with Telx Web.