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The Impact Of Search Engine Optimization On Online Marketing

How Long Does SEO Take to See Results in Miami

Sounds like a mouthful, right? How Long Does SEO Take to See Results? Well, actually, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), takes time to develop before a successful ‘ROI’ can be achieved.

In 2012, SEO and Internet marketing consultant Sam McRoberts wrote an excellent article titled Investing in SEO the Warren Buffet Way. In short, SEO strategies rely on long-term gains, not overnight riches.

SEO in this way, has a striking similarity to stocks.

According to Sam, “If you pick a bad set of stocks, you might lose money, if you sell the stocks too late, you might lose money. If you sell too early, you might lose money or even leave money on the table. You have to pick good stocks and hold them for just the right amount of time, just as you have to pick the right keywords and target them for the right amount of time.”

So, like the stock market, SEO implementation requires a similar understanding – know which keywords to purchase based on potential traffic levels, competitiveness, and the potential for conversions.

SEO campaigns can be extremely valuable for a company. Check out these campaign statistics for websites that land the coveted first search result in Google:

“We know, for instance, that achieving the #1 spot for a given keyword means getting about 33% of the clicks. This means that if there are 5,000 searches for a keyword each month, you could reasonably expect to receive around 1650 visits to your site if you hold the top position. This is an outcome worth investing in and waiting for.” – Sam McRoberts

Long-term investors develop their own strategy for choosing the best stocks. The process involves evaluating a company’s:

  • Financial statements
  • Competitive advantages
  • Reputation
  • Investor news
  • Strength of brand recognition
  • Expert opinions and advice
  • Past performance

SEO works in a similar way, factors used to consider the best keywords include:

  • Potential traffic levels
  • Competition for keywords
  • Past performance of keywords
  • Searcher intent (i.e. Are they just looking, or are they ready to buy?)
  • Industry trends and predictions
  • Expert opinions and advice

Planning for SEO is a testament in patience. Long-term strategies work best, as they align closely to how content is ranked and evaluated by the search engines. The search engines are too sophisticated to be gamed – so take your time. In the end, that what successful SEO looks like.