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SEO “Newsjacking”: An Effective Marketing Method for 2016

Few businesses in our world would make it in the absence of internet marketing. Thus, SEO was born.

“Newsjacking” is a form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that has recently become one of the trendiest and most effective methods for drawing attention to your website. By integrating trending news topics into your on-site content, you can “newsjack” and catch public interest to promote your brand.

As long as it is done in a way that makes contextual sense, this is a SEO technique worth considering – and can be capitalized on in myriad ways.

newsjacking seo

What is Newsjacking, Precisely?

While newsjacking has been popular for many years, only recently has it become a marketing trend. A “newsjack” occurs when a journalist or marketer refers to a current news item in an article, using it as a vehicle to lead into the subject of the article.

Is Newsjacking Effective?

Newsjacking can be very effective in an age when people access news 24/7. Many people are subscribed to internet newsfeeds, so that they’re alerted the moment any breaking news is presented. Sometimes, this is work related: people need updates regarding a specific industry. Others simply want to stay informed.

Our world has quickly become a media-hungry culture. With a world of people glued to their Facebook feeds and smartphones, business owners can capitalize on the growing media frenzy by jumping on the bandwagon, especially when popular articles and viral videos are involved. By simply creating “newsjack” content, marketers can place their goods and services between hot topics and viral traffic – and creating tremendous revenue for their brands.

What Not to Do:

Before you focus on how to create viable “newsjack” content, it is important to avoid some unscrupulous business practices. For example, writing content that uses a public tragedy to bring attention to your business is generally regarded as a poor choice. Not only will people resent it, but it could dramatically affect your bottom line.

Best ways to use Newsjacking:

The best place to start is by subscribing to at least a few newsfeeds, which will keep you up-to-date with the latest issues, and topics.

To determine which stories are the most popular, take a look at what is trending on social media. Take a look at the tags that show which keywords and keyphrases are associated with the breaking news. Make sure to only include the keywords in an organic matter so that search engines and readers alike can understand the content.