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Four Tips to Succeed in Content Marketing.

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content . These tips helps to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” – Content Marketing Institute.


Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

Becoming an expert in your content niche is pivotal, and may spell out the difference between blending in, or standing out – which can make or break your marketing strategy.

Experts are equated with resources, providing value and information over mere self-promotion. Building a resource rich website for your target audience means that they benefit from visiting your site, and that they attribute that benefit to you. Once you are seen as useful, the door is opened to make a sale.

Solve a Problem, and be Unique.

The fastest way to establish expertise is by answering people’s questions. An expert is someone who helps others learn something, or accomplish something. By sharing your knowledge and allowing guests to post on your blog, you increase awareness of your brand and your expertise.

Most of the time, your audience will be pressed for time and will want to have the most straightforward answers to their queries. When creating content, make sure it is written in an easily digestible format that is segmented into chapters, not a 5000 word run on sentence. It is also important to appeal to as many learning styles as you can. Content marketers can spend so much time preparing visual content that we can overlook other media formats, such as podcasts.

Constantly changing both the variety and medium of your content is essential to keeping in meaningful and engaging. Remember, you want your audience to bookmark your page and come back to it later.

Tell A Story.

Stories are content that help your audience better relate and connect with you, and by extension your business. Other effective ways to share information are by offering case studies, conveying exactly how your product or service is used.

Case studies service the underlying need for content consumers: arriving at a solution for their problems. First, identify the problem, and how it affects the subject. Second, tell about how your product or service solve the problem, and lastly, show the results. What did your service accomplish?

Generating value will entice readers and create new customers. Furthermore, get your audience involved. Inviting readers to comment on your blog gets the conversation started, and shows onlookers that your site, is fresh, engaging, and relevant.

Repurpose Content.

Creating fresh content every day can be challenging, which is why repurposing content can sometimes be an easier path than writing from scratch. For instance, you can always turn a post into a video blog, an infographic or even an e-book.  You can even turn that blog post into a video blog.

Another popular way of getting traffic is to turn a series of blogs into an online course. You may have to add more information to the content, in order to modify it from its existing state, but it will be significantly easier than starting from the beginning.

Furthermore, repurposing content allows you to reach new viewers by changing the format of the information: new content

Expertise is temporary.

“If you aren’t moving forward, then you are falling behind.”

Expertise requires constant learning and innovation to stay at the top. That being said, developing great content does not require you to be the world’s most celebrated savant, it is just enough that you are able to reveal new perspectives on trending topics.

Learning how to develop a voice, and write about multiple subjects that command both attention and traffic takes time to develop. Most business owners do not have the luxury of time to devote to their website development. Our ranking maintenance program takes stock of industry trends in search engine optimization and ensures that your site is being seen. Take the stress out of managing your website and let us do our expertise, so that you can do yours. Schedule a consultation today.