Facebook is Taking Over the World!
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Facebook is Taking Over…

“Facebook was not created to be a company but to accomplish a social mission”, one of the first quotes from Zuckerberg. Facebook’s has superseded its own expectations – not only is it a social empire, the company has created a platform that has a finger in every form of media.

Facebook has made it easier to stay completely plugged in: between video, instant articles, trending news, shopping, video messaging, and more, Facebook makes ‘signing off’ an absurd proposition. Here are some of the ways Facebook best captures our attention:

Targeted and Suggested Videos:

Unlike YouTube, where you decide what to watch, Facebook will entice you in to watching a video, and then give you more. This strategy seems to be working: By last January, Facebook’s videos were streamed in excess of 4 billion times a day.

Instant Articles and Instant Ads

If you like an article, usually you would find your way back to the source – not with Facebook. Facebook caches the article for you, and displays for the app users reducing the loading time.

What’s Trending?

Facebook hopes to replace news sites by keeping you constantly updated with the most recent news.


Facebook now offers online stores with great offers and the best fashion trends. You can get everything with the Dedicated Shopping Feed.

This service is being heavily marketed to small businesses, who may not be able to afford a personalized website.

Facebook Live

Facebook now offers their own brand of livestreaming, complete with cameo appearances from your favorite celebrities. Now, you can watch your favorite stars broadcast in your news feed.

Video Calling

Facebook has brought video calling in-house, so yet again, you do not have to stray to another video messenger app (phew!)

On This Day…

Make way for the 21st century photo album: Facebook’s jab of nostalgia keeps your news feed interesting and reminds you again of why Facebook is so charming.

Pay Through Facebook

Armed with your credit card information, Payments in Messenger facilitates easy transfers of money. It’s like Paypal, but easier.

GIF Messages

Emoticons have officially given way to GIFs, animated graphics that add more panache to your message.


A feature within Facebook’s messenger, M-Assistant helps with your tasks. Move over Siri!

Buy/Sell on Facebook

If you don’t trust strangers on other sites, maybe you would trust them more if they were on Facebook. A new feature (coming soon), will allow Facebook users to sell their items to other Facebook users. Awesome sauce!

Picture-In-Picture Video

Facebook’s has offered sweet deals to music labels so that they will show their videos directly on social media – and, skip YouTube. As you watch, you now have the ability to use the picture-in-picture feature to create a new small tab for it. Cool, right?

Facebook Doodle

Do you enjoy doodling on your Snapchats? Well, Facebook has caught on, and offers plenty of scribbling in Facebook Doodle.

Virtual Reality

Facebook has started to dabble in VR-style videos in the News Feed. How cool is that? “Virtual Reality is the obvious next step” hinted Mark Zuckerberg. What will be next?