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Every Brand Needs SEO Services

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If you’ve ever helped build the online presence of a major brand, you know that it is no easy task.

To launch a successful SEO campaign, you need to build authority, create informative content, and maintain the SEO best practices. This takes a tremendous investment of time.

On the other side of this spectrum are large brands – those sites have so much brand momentum that it is hard to know whether they even need to do SEO anymore. However, SEO isn’t just about attracting new visitors to your brand, it’s about maintaining your organic online presence and the experience that you provide to your site users.

Brand Advantage

Google’s Vince update in 2009 was a huge advantage for big brands, because, in many cases, SEO best practices are standard website best practices.

UX Assistance

So, how do brands engage with digital consumers you might ask?

Whatever the reason for visiting – whether customers need to access the site to register for something, explore career opportunities, or found a link from another site, a slow loading site is a quick way to lose out on a great experience. Page load time has become the singular obsession of SEOs the world over. Having an in-house SEO or a hiring an SEO company is crucial to implementing fast page loads across your website.

SERP Brand Management

Most SEOs are focused on non-branded keyword term enhancement. However, big brands are likely going to have a lot of branded searches. So, what shows up for a large brand name keyword search? Most likely, a Knowledge Panel, site links for the brand’s internal pages, and other owned domain properties. A dedicated SEO focus is invaluable in improving these aspects.

For example, schema usage can provide a lot of enhancements to a brand Knowledge Panel. From stock prices and customer service contact information to social profile links and company history, SEO best practices can provide a lot of brand education and facilitation in search results.

Outside of the Knowledge Panel, consider the brand organic listing if site links are present and you don’t employ meta descriptions. The brand listing will have un-enticing text to hopefully drive click-through.

The same applies to title elements, in most cases, a brand search is going to deliver the brand site ranking first with Google adjusting the title element to be more representative of the brand. However, other owned rankings below this may not have adjusted title elements and should have title elements constructed which would entice more clicks.


SEO isn’t simply about driving new visits and building a brand. In many ways, SEO is about maintaining a brand and ensuring a great experience. This is essential to both emerging companies and big brands.

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