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Key Benefits Of SEO And PPC Services To Startups

When is Organic Marketing Better Than Paid Web Traffic?

Everywhere most marketers look there seems to be an almost universal endorsement for “paid traffic” over more traditional organic search traffic, as delivered through SEO. The appeal is obvious, advertisers can keep eyeballs on their products and services, conversions can be instant, and all anyone has to do to get more sales is to just increase their ad spend.

However, paid marketing is very expensive. For new advertising campaigns, advertisers have to factor that before any conversion, they first have to gather data, which means that they will be spending money, (and for many companies this easily means 5 figures), before they will start seeing sales. This is because Facebook’s “pixel” requires significant input to be best optimized for a company’s sales process.

Additionally, if advertisers are marketing their services to a new audience, they have to understand that in most cases their brand is being showcased to people that are seeing dozens of similar offers throughout the day on their social media feeds. For consumers, most of the ads blend together without any meaningful differentiation from each other, and brands end up competing on price.

Let’s assume that everything goes well; most advertisers will still make money advertising on social media platforms and search engines. Nevertheless, they are still spending money to make money. In some instances, over 50% of the revenue they generate from sales has to be reinvested back into the paid advertising that generated their money in the first place. The only company that really benefits from this hamster-wheel like advertising investment is the company whose platform is being utilized for the advertising. Like most things, it is the middleman that takes the largest cut from every one.

Most people just assume that “that’s just the way it is” and that in order to be successful, paid advertising is their only lucrative option. This is patently false. If anything, this just proves how successful the marketing campaigns of the search engines and social media companies have been in convincing advertisers that their only way to scale is through paid ads.

For those seeking another path up the mountain, there is less talked about, albeit just as effective (if not more so) approach to digital advertising. And that is organic marketing. Organic marketing includes all of the strategies that generate traffic and conversions without paying for them. Unlike ads, organic tactics (such as blogging, lead nurturance, email marketing, etc.) give advertisers way more control over their branding and sales process without costing thousands of dollars. Furthermore, organic marketing inspires trust; consumers can see that a certain company in their niche is providing value and helping them solve their problem, so they will naturally gravitate towards them and buy their products.

So, why do not more people attempt the organic method? Well, many do, but because it takes longer to build organic digital assets, people give up before they can reap the benefits. Which is too bad, organic marketing regularly reaches millions of consumers.

If you’re ready to explore organic marketing for your company, reach out to us at Telx Web to see how you can take advantage of making money without spending thousands to do so.