Landing Page Design Secrets by TelxWeb
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The Secret to a Successful Landing Page

First impressions are essential in internet marketing, which is why creating successful landing pages are key. There are so many elements in a top-notch landing page, from design, to length, to quality content:


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  • Page length is a large factor: industry best practices will advise that both long and short-form pages can be optimized. It depends on whether you want to generate lower quality form submissions, or a smaller (and more targeted) number of higher quality submissions.


  • However, much of what makes a great landing page is high-quality content. Writing aspirational content is the key to success for repeat conversions. Aspirational content appeals to a user’s need to find the solution to their problem, it also fosters trust and builds relationships.


  • Another hallmark of a great landing page is the creation of “trust points.” Trust points are areas of the page where logos or testimonials from prominent companies are placed as to socially validate the company and leverage good faith. If Linkedin, Adobe, Zillow, and Groupon are satisfied customers, chances are prospects will be, too.


  • Once you’ve established trust, the next important topic is to summarize. In other words, get to the point as quickly as you can. The faster visitors know what you sell, what you do, or what you’re offering, the faster they can engage with your content and ultimately convert.


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Ultimately, people don’t want to just buy things – they want to solve their problems and make their lives more fulfilling. Helping prospective customers visualize a better life can be a very effective sales process. By focusing on the emotional payoff of a service, customers associate your brand with their good feelings.

1. Include Video

Videos can make a demonstrably powerful impact on your viewers. It gives the impression that you are a serious company with resources and a competitive product.

2. Help People Make Better Choices.

If you’re company such as Vivino, a business that helps people make informed decisions in regards to wine pairings, you want to appear sophisticated and knowledgeable. One of the primary motivations people share certain content on social media is to appear intelligent and well-informed to their peers. If people share content to appear smarter, it makes sense to leverage this desire to seem worldly with your landing pages, too.

3. Make a Bold Statement.

Creating a powerful visual is one way to win audiences. If you have a stark contrast between colors, even better. Sometimes companies will keep the brand front-and-center with a CTA tucked away in the corner. Sometimes, the boldest statements are simple.

4. Take Risks.

Many marketing companies have become so afraid of offending anyone that they’ve effectively anesthetized their creativity. Skip the PC and be brash – you might just gain more popularity.

5. Ask Questions.

Having a question on your landing page is a great way of enticing visitors to click on the next page. Sometimes, curiosity gets the best of us.