Should you hire an SEO Agency for Promoting your Mobile Application?
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Should you hire an SEO Agency for Promoting your Mobile Application?

Should you hire an SEO Agency for Promoting your Mobile Application

SEO helps in ranking your mobile app at the top of the App store/play store so that it can have more downloads. Mobile apps are changing the way we interact with the devices. App Store Optimization is done for mobile apps, but how can SEO help to boost the ranking of your mobile app?

One-third of apps are discovered outside the app store.

To get more installs and to increase the visibility of the app, SEO consultant Miami comes in handy. Google has tweaked its algorithms and they have laid importance on the mobile-friendliness factor.

72 percent of mobile engagement relies on apps rather than the browser.


Let’s see how to go about mobile SEO

Create Apps

In today’s time, it is important to make a mobile app version of your website. Mobile apps play a crucial role in increasing the sale of a business.

Before creating the app consider below points.

  • The app should be made in such a way that it goes hand in the hand of your business goal.
  • Always give separate SEO attention to your app.
  • The app should not be just a copy of the website; it should give an added advantage to the customers.

Name Your App Wisely

The name of the app should be something which gives a hint of your product and services; it will make it easier to be found in the app search results.

Adding keyword in the name itself is beneficial in increasing the ranking.

Keyword Research

One cannot emphasize enough on keyword research.

Consider the below points while researching for keyword:

  • Do not repeat words
  • Use either singular or plural form of a term; not both
  • Break down the phrases
  • Do not use the same words which have been used in the title
  • Avoid using spaces
  • Think like a user; use words which you as a user would use

App Indexing

Through app indexing, you can increase the engagement with those who have already installed the app in their mobile phones. When you go to the website, Google gives you the option to open it in the mobile app.

App Screenshots And Videos

It is important to provide the best screenshots and videos to users; it is like an advertisement for your app in a few screenshots and a video. Through these screenshots and video, you are showcasing the benefits of the app and urging users to download it.

SEO To Improve The Ranking Of The App

There are two factors which play a key role in improving the ranking of an app

On-page factors

App name, title, full and short description.

Off-page factors

Backlinks, install volume, user reviews, and ratings


More searches occur on mobile phones than on desktops, after you create an app, you want users to see it and use it. To increase the visibility of your app you can utilize the services of Miami SEO consultant.