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Are Press Releases Still Good for SEO?

Although there is no easy answer to this question, it helps to understand the brief of history of press releases within the SEO ecosystem.

A Brief History of the Press Release

Historically, the press release has always been a means to an end. Press releases were used as a way for companies to let journalists know about big events, such as winning an award, launching a new product, or winning a significant contract.

The idea behind the release is that it would be sent to many different news media outlets and hopefully one or more of them would have a journalist contact the company for more information – to write a story about the event or advancement or to interview someone at the company. As technology caught up, “Newswire” services were created, which would syndicate these press releases much more widely than they had been previously. This was the beginning of the information overload that we face today.

In the last decade, as everything went online, so did press releases. It became super easy to syndicate those press releases out across hundreds of sites quickly, and the concept of the Newswire moved online.

It also became easy form companies to write press releases. They started writing them for everything.

Press Releases = SEO Power

Enter SEOs, and they realized that every time a press release is issued, it results in a link back to the company being syndicated to hundreds of media outlets.

Since links to a site are a measure of its relevance, SEOs discovered that if they controlled the text of that link, it could result in dozens of “highly relevant” links pointing to the site using the site’s primary keywords.

Do Press Releases Help SEO Anymore?

However, press releases still continue to serve the same function they always had; they’re a great way to get the attention of journalists.

So, if you have done something noteworthy (buying new office furniture does not count), using a press release and a newswire amplification service to distribute it is a great way to generate interest. That interest can lead to stories, interviews, and ultimately attention and links.