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Here at Telx Web, we offer our clients SEO consulting services as part of our full service affordable SEO solutions.

Organic SEO is getting more challenging each year, more and more businesses are getting savvy to the ROI when it comes to Search Engine Marketing and SEO. Now more than ever, having a high ranking in the search engines is extremely important.

An SEO strategy that made sense at the beginning of the year might not be the most effective 10 months down the road if the direction of your business has evolved.

At our SEO company in Miami we believe that part of having a successful SEO campaign involves being able to roll with the Google changes and updates, and adjust direction as it makes sense for your business.

The team of analysts at Telx Web prepares a complete SEO strategy for enhancing the ranking of a website on the major search engines like Google and Bing.

Key Features of Telx Web’s SEO services:

  • On page optimization – The SEO optimization covers proper on page optimization which includes use of correct and competitive keywords and including appropriate Meta title and description.

  • Off page optimization – The On page optimization is followed by off page optimization which includes providing back links which mainly points back to the clients’ website. This helps in enhancing the rank of the company on search engines.

  • Social media marketing – Telx web also provide its client with social media marketing services that includes blogs, posting on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

  • Scalable – We can scale modest small business marketing budgets – to larger budgets.

  • Success driven – Our Miami SEO firm process is focused on maximizing your return on investment. A combination of strategic measurement, goal setting and agile planning assure you will get tangible returns.

  • Self-budgeting – We take the guesswork out of budgeting for Internet marketing services by using a progressive budgeting approach that is periodically re-optimized to provide maximum ROI.

Here at Telx Web, a Top SEO Company, we manually submit and monitor the overall ranking of your website on major search engines. In according and if necessary we also plan pay per click (PPC) campaign for keeping your business on top.

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